Heart Shaped Custom Pet ID Tag

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1.5" x 1.25" Large Heart Pet ID Tag

Our tags are made in the USA.
All tags are diamond engraved into them.
Yes actually scribes into the aluminum metal. These tags will not rub off.

Our tags are NOT laser engraved. They are actually engraved they way you engrave into jewelry.

BEWARE :Laser engraving only burns the color off the metal to create the image or word. This process can rub off with time.

All tags are diamond engraved using only the best equipment that professional engravers use.

Please Remember the more letters and lines you choose the smaller the font appears engraved because space becomes limited

Your custom pet tag can have up to 3 lines engraved on the tag.

The more you write the smaller the font will be. The fewer the lines and characters the larger the font can be.

Each tag ordered will receive a spit ring to attach to collar.

Please write it exactly as you want it to appear: Example / EXAMPLE / example